Engineering Solutions

Aeronautical Engineering

We provide a set of proprietary Engineering Products with Services for some engineering fields such as Aeronautics.

Software, IoT and Design

Automation is the key of the future. Whenever existing products don't meet your needs, we can develop full solutions from ground up.

Team Outsourcing

Why build a team when you can hire one. We find the best professionals for you and manage your product developments if needed.

Software, IoT and Design

Software is everywhere and we can help you meet your goals in multiple technical fields by providing software development services.

Building Teams

We can build you a development team in Western Europe, near the best universities, and manage it in a way your company is able to run a worry-free, cost-efficient development operation.

Aeronautical Engineering

With the AIRNAVCO platform, we provide full service for managing your aircraft fleet’s maintenance.

Simplified Aircraft


Through a combination of a simplified user interface, redundancy analysis modules, and expert analyst support, AIRNAVCO reduces aircraft downtimes and achieves cost-effective maintenance tracking of multiple types of aircraft.

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